My Astrology Readings are as follows:

First I require:

Date of birth dd/mm/yy

Time of birth - as close to the exact time as possible

Place of birth – town/city/Province/State/Country


With this information, I prepare and record approximately 30 minutes of current transits for the time of your reading on an mp3.


This is followed by an in-depth reading of approximately 1 hour, which is also recorded on an mp3.


Your reading covers current transits, but so very much more with regard to Ketu and Rahu (South and North Nodes. This has much to do with Past Lives and what your intention is in this life.)

We cover your Progressive Sun placement and Profection for this year (birthday to birthday). 


In addition to my many years of practicing Astrology, I now include my recent studies of Babylonian Astrology - 5,200BC years old, which has been transcribed from the ancient texts by masters. It most certainly gives more in-depth information.


For our reading, I will send you your charts to download and share at the same time as our meeting. 


We can set up a Skype or Zoom date.


My total time for study and reading time is approximately four hours. Payment can be made through interact transfer or Paypal.

I look forward to joining you for a new path of discovery.


Contact me at